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Taylor Wimpey tries again

Taylor Wimpey have reapplied for the 295 home development
on Gracechurch Street.

Thank you to all who submitted their objections. With over 450 submitted that should make the council sit up and think hard before accepting such an application.

We now have to wait for the date of the hearing. In the meantime, work is still underway gathering evidence of the harm such a development would inflict on all aspects of our community.

When the date of the hearing is announced further action will need to be taken and we will inform you accordingly. Most important will be the attendance of as many people as possible at the hearing. Last time we had a full house, which was very impressive, and I am sure this had a major impact on the council members who were able to witness directly the strong, cohesive, community opposition to this plan.

You can view the status of the application here: DC/19/05769 | Outline Planning Application

295 New Homes in Debenham

A resurfacing of the proposal up to build 295 new houses on “Hilly Filly” and the land off Gracechurch Street opposite the school and leisure centre.

This represents a 35% increase on the existing size of the village.

Despite their application being turned down by the Mid Suffolk Planning Committe in December 2018, and the succesful adoption of the Debenham Neighbourhood Plan in February 2019, Taylor Wimpey are seeking to re-impose their plans for Debenham on our village.

They again sought to slide this into place under the radar in the bustle of Christmas

Development Map

This is just one proposal by one developer and one landowner. If significant expansion of the village is inevitable, it should be driven and directed in accordance with the needs, views and wishes of the village residents. In order to accomplish this we, the village residents, need to be proactive in preparing practical, credible alternate options, ones that satisfy the needs and wishes of both current and future residents while causing minimal detrimental impact to the village and its identity.

The primary consideration in any development, and particularly in Debenham, is the transit infrastructure. There is already a major problem in the village with regard to traffic along the High Street and Gracechurch street in particular, as well as the ongoing parking issue. Any future development needs to take that into proper practical consideration.

With the current proposal by Taylor Wimpey now on the table, time is of the essence in getting together a suitable response to ensure that development of the village meets the needs of current and future residents without further straining the infrastructure and traffic issues.

A great deal of time and effort has been put into the development of the Neighbourhood Plan it is now up to all of us to ensure that the wishes of residents reflected in that plan are respected, and that impractical developments are not simply imposed on the village and “steam-rollered” through. Anyone wishing to get involved in this process can email us here:


Taylor Wimpey application

Parish Council Neighbourhood Development Plan

Questions have been raised about the Community Infrastructure Levy and how it works so an explanatory link has been added here: Community Infrastructure Levy.

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